About us and our fundraising mission

We are Old Town Trolley Tours of San Diego (OTTSD) and we have been fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness for years now.  Here at OTTSD, part of our company philosophy is we are proud to make a profit.  We go on to explain that we are proud to make a profit so we can reward our CASTmembers (our employees) and give back to our community.  We give back to our community all year round.  We do simple things like donating ticket for local charity events, donating the use of our trolleys for veteran events, and for at least the last 10 years we have donated trolleys for transportation for the annual Memorial Day service at Mount Soledad.  Our CAST and company participate in various annual fundraising events like the San Diego Veteran of the year luncheon, Angels Among Us Gala, various YMCA Youth and Family service events, Old Town Art and Craft fundraiser and many more.  We focus on our environmental effect and foot print by sponsoring the Big Bay Clean-up project, installing solar panels for our property, participating in the San Diego Port Authority Green Business Network and even using trolleys that run on propane.  Many of our management sit on the committees or boards for these community organizations and non-profits.  We even encourage our CAST to support their own causes and create a public board they can post information about their upcoming events and fundraisers.  While we put the weight of our company and services into the above-mentioned areas, there are two annual campaigns we really put our heart and soul into.

We are a proud supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness and fundraising, specifically American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.  Old Town Trolley Tours of San Diego has been raising money to support Breast Cancer Awareness for going on 8 years, each year setting the bar higher and raising more money.  In 2017, with a CAST size of about 115 we set a new high of raising $20,000!  The entire company participates: they volunteer at one of the events described below, baking/selling/buying baked good for bake sales, participate in the annual Manager silent auction, walk in the Making Strides walk or get donations from business partners and friends.  It’s a team effort and because we have such a strong team, we can really make a difference.


We fundraise almost all year long using various events and activities.  During the warm summer months, our Sales Reps offer ice cold waters in exchange for a donation are our highest selling booths.  OTTSD purchases these water bottles with a custom pink label that describes our fundraising efforts and donates them for this fundraising.  Our Maintenance staff makes sure the coolers are stocked every morning with water and ice and delivers them to the booths.  Last year was our second year doing the water and it brought in over $2,400.


Last year was the first year for the BIG PINK CHAIR.  The San Diego American Cancer Society purchased this amazing piece of inflatable furniture and OTTSD jumped at the chance to be the sponsor.  We proudly set it up at numerous locations around San Diego staffed with CAST volunteers requesting donations in exchange for people taking a picture on it.  The Dia del los Muertos weekend brought in over $1300.  Our CAST volunteers created a friendly competition to see which group could raise the most.  We already had our first BIG PINK CHAIR event for 2018 and raised over $600.

¡Viva Las Tatas! is one of these many events we use to help us reach our fundraising goal.  It's a festive and fun event where the community can come together fundraise together.  Last year this event brought in $2,500, this year we think we can raise more.  But we need your help!

The fundraising year hits a high point in Balboa park, last year was the 20th anniversary of the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.  25,000 people including our CAST come out bright and early dressed head to toe in pink to participate in the 4 mile walk. 5 years ago we painted one of our trolleys pink and turned it into a driving billboard for this American Cancer Society Making Strides walk.  Every year for the walk we donate the usage of the trolley to transport walkers to and from parking lots.


Giving back to our community is a part of our everyday life here at Old Town Trolley.  The causes we support have been selected because they are important to our CASTmembers not just our management.  This way, giving back is a family event, something that unites us as a company.  We have a long history of being involved in our community and helping others.  We are looking forward to a future of giving back and hope to inspire other companies to do the same. 

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